Two Jim Thorpe Area High School students, Joshua Williams and Matt Curran, chose an enlightening undertaking at Sam Miller Field for their senior class project.

Working under the guidance of Bill "Swampy" Highland and Leroy Strohl, the grandson of Sam Miller – the namesake of the field – their project will illuminate the field's flagpole and eventually electrify a future scoreboard.

The project required about 275 feet of trenches, most of which were dug for them by Kuhn's Hauling & Excavating of Jim Thorpe, with about 30 feet of trench dug by hand.

Electrician Guy Franko advised the two students on the electrical work, which included running the wiring through conduits laid down in the trench.

The two seniors also were assisted with help and materials from the Jim Thorpe Community Athletic Association.

The association members said that the students are doing a phenomenal job.

This year will mark the 65th anniversary of Sam Miller Field, with one of the main events there being a Block Party later this week, May 13-15.

The project should be completed in time for the event.