One of the trees planted in the upper borough park in Lehighton on Saturday as part of Arbor Day celebration was already showing pink buds, which will help beautify the upper park, noted Mark Hoffman, chairman of the Lehighton Shade Tree Commission. In all, five trees were planted in various locations in Lehighton.

Another crab apple tree, and two Cleveland pear trees were planted, along with a maple tree were also planted in Lehighton. One of the pear trees, which was planted at the Lehighton Band Hall, was planted by band hall members in memory of Dylan Krum, a young band member who lost a courageous battle with cancer.

Hoffman said the crab apple replaces one which was planted a few years ago in the upper park and didn't make it.

The crab apple, plus the three other trees, were planted by members of Boy Scout Troop 82. Hoffman was all smiles at seeing all the help the Shade Tree Commission received from members of Boy Scout Troop 82, who planted the trees.

Members taking part in the planting were Zach Zehner, Jacob Hoffner, Nick Kern, Justin Wingert, Josh Eckman, Matt Eckhart and Alex Lambert. Assisting the scouts were Scot Wingert, scoutmaster; and Ed Kroboth, assistant scoutmaster and members of the Lehighton Shade Tree Commission.

Hoffman noted that Lehighton was again named a Tree City USA community.

"This is our 18th year as a Tree City USA," said Hoffman. "We are the oldest Tree City USA in Carbon County."

The Shade Tree Commission has six members and is primarily funded by two tree programs, the Memorial Tree Program, which allows family members to plant a tree in someone's memory and the Birthday Program, which allows a tree to be planted in someone's honor. Trees can also be planted in celebration of other events.

Hoffman said that when the group completed their planting tasks, everyone helping was treated to a hot dog at Diggity Dogs.