A section of fire hose fell off the back of a fire truck Wednesday morning and caused a driver to lose control of his vehicle and crash. State police at Frackville said the accident occurred about 11 a.m. along SR1005 (Burma Road), a quarter-mile south of SR1008 (Morea Road), in Mahanoy Township, Schuylkill County.

Troopers said Paul David Hillibush Jr., 37, of Barnesville, was driving his 2002 Chevrolet pickup truck behind a Delano Fire Company truck when a section of hose fell onto the road from the back of the truck.

Hillibush swerved his truck to avoid hitting the hose and lost control. The truck left the road and crashed into a PPL utility pole.

Hillibush was Hillibush was injured, troopers said, but did not indicate if he required medical attention. Reportedly, electrical service in the area was interrupted for a period of time.

Troopers added that the Delano truck and Hillibush were returning from a fire call in Barnesville at the time. The Burma Road was closed down for a period of time until repairs were made to the pole.