Members of the Jim Thorpe Planning Commission Committee have been training in planning commission procedures. At Tuesday night's meeting the members discussed items they have been going over to aid in procedures for the planning commission.

Chairman of the Planning Commission, Louis Hall and committee member, Jerry Hoare attended Municipal Training classes in February. The classes were hosted by the Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs. Hall and Hoare discussed some ideas from the training that could possibly be implemented in the future.

"It gave us a lot of background information and specific things on municipal government," stated Hoare.

"There were several things that they brought up that we probably want to sit down with Wes (Wesley Johnson, Borough Manager) and go over as far as procedural things to make sure we are in compliance," stated Hall.

Members have also been reviewing the Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance (SALDO). SALDO is an ordinance used to regulate how land is subdivided and developed. Members will also be reviewing the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code. These codes and ordinances are part of what makes up how the Planning Commission works.

Borough Council President and Planning Commission member, John McGuire said that the Planning Commission members are reviewing these codes and attending seminars to become well versed in the things they need to know. "We are going over codes and plans that the Planning Commission is based on," he said.