Borrowing the fast paced game show concept of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire," brought a lot of fun and entertainment to the students of Mahoning Township Elementary School.

Being in the "hot" seat was kindergarten student Matthew Sofranko, who won the contest without using any helplines from "phone a friend," the audience or having half of the wrong answers blocked out.

This was one child who knew his Dr. Suess books from cover to cover.

Most of the time he knew the correct answer before the possible answers were read and became an "expert" winning a bookmark, book and matching game for his expertise.

The program was the sponsored by the Mahoning School staff and Mrs. Long, the reading specialist.

Playing the role of Cat in the Hat was Cale Kresge, a third-grade teacher at the school.

The program was held to celebrate Dr. Suess' birthday and Read Across America Day.

Also taking the hot seat was Kenneth Rehrig, who was able to also become an expert by phoning a friend and asking the audience for their help. He also was given a bookmark, book and matching game.