Lansford council is waiting to see what comes of an upcoming district court hearing concerning a property owner who is apparently taking his house apart and dumping the debris in his overgrown back yard.

Code Enforcement Officer Katharyn Labosky described the property, at 238 E. Bertsch St., to council on Wednesday.

"The individual up there has decided to dismantle his house, piece by piece, for whatever reason," she said. The debris "is all stacked in the back yard. the grass is up to the shoulders of a six-foot man. The neighbors are living next door to a landfill."

She said she's been getting more than 15 complaints a week about the property, and neighbors have reported seeing rats and other creatures.

The borough has "cited him 50 times in the past month, because every time we go up there, there's something else," Labosky said, but the man pleads not guilty to the citations. Labosky asked if the borough could clean up the property, but Councilman Lenny Kovach said crews would be trespassing on private property if they did that. Further, the crew is short-handed as it is.

Councilman Tommy Vadyak said that the borough can't afford to pull its workers from doing necessary summer tasks.

"There's all kinds of work that needs to be done in town, and it's the season to get it done. If we put them up there, we're not getting anything done," he said.

A district court date is scheduled for July 7, Labosky said. She said that eventually, the house could be declared a nuisance, and the matter would go to county court.

According to the Carbon County Tax Assessment office, the three-bedroom home is owned by Lowicz North Properties, LLC., Jersey City, NJ.

According to property records, the county Tax Claim Bureau sold the house to Lowicz in December for $36,040.