A traveling veterans outreach service called Mobile Service Office (MSO) Program is being offered by the Disabled American Veterans, a non-profit veterans organization.

The program utilizes a van containing two offices equipped with computers, fax machines, telephones and Internet service to educate disabled veterans and their families on specific veterans' benefits and services. This outreach program also generates considerable claims work on behalf of veterans and their families.

NSOs, often aided by Department and Chapter Service Officers, travel to communities across the country to counsel and assist veterans with development of evidence, completion of required applications and prosecution of claims for veterans benefits administered under federal, state and local laws. It was revitalized in March 2001 and is the most extensive outreach effort in the history of their organization.

A $2 million pledge from the Harley-Davidson Foundation in 2007 helped to expanded the number of sites visited by the MSO, to include Harley-Davidson dealerships, where benefits assistance is offered to veterans of all generations in communities where they live.

These distinctive-looking and well-equipped "offices on wheels" eliminate the need for long trips that veterans in smaller towns and rural communities must take to visit a DAV National Service Office. To view a list of local MSO stops and other veterans' benefit resources, visit their website at http://www.dav.org/veterans/MSO.aspx or call 877-426-2838. The DAV's website states, "By literally putting our service offices on the road, assisting veterans where they live, the DAV is increasing accessibility to the benefits our nation provides to its veterans."