Nearly 200 walkers and runners took part in the Hunter Wolfe 5K Run/Walk on Saturday at Glen Onoko section of Lehigh Gorge State Park.

After the shotgun blast, they all took off running to vie for awards in their age group. Top male and female runners and walkers received a plaque and medal. Medals were also awarded to the youngest and oldest male and female walkers and runners.

Race director John Martino gave an inspiring welcome speech, explaining that he organized the race to give the children at St. Joseph Regional Academy the opportunity to help Hunter beat his cancer. Martino said that once the community became aware of the race, people wanted to be part of it.

"Hunter is at St. Christopher's Hospital, Philadelphia," said Martino. "Hunter has had a setback that affects one in a million."

Martino added that Hunter never complains

Hunter is a seventh grader from Jim Thorpe who is courageously battling leukemia.

Overall top runners in the race were: Jeff Dobias, 17.25; B.J. Merring, 18.45; and John Martino, 18.54,

In the male division, 11 and under, Alex McGinley, Sam Hydro, Seth Paluk; ages 12 to 14, Evan Palmer, Daniel Baka, and K.J. Snerr; 15 to 19, Patrick Martino, Tyler Mangold and Nicholas Goldberg; 20 to 24, Patrick Matsinko, Dwight Weaver and Mike Sofranko; 25 to 29, Angelo Natalie and Ryan Solski; 30 to 34, Ramon Hernandez, Ernie Sully and Colin Corbett; 35 to 39, Robert Muscovitch, Michael Boroush and Michael Dugan; 40 to 44, Guy Potts, Brian Hydro and Glenn Goldberg; 45 to 49, Greg Goodring, Marty Palmer, and Leo Bott; 40 to 54, Joseph Mogilski and Bill Mogilski; 55 to 59, Walter Boyle, Dave Matsinko and Thomas Shealer; 60 to 64, Gary Dobias and John Smigel; and 70 and over, Jack Whitcomb and John Gallagher.

Top overall female runners were, Jennifer Beers, 22.35; Dana Hannis, 23.52; and Condrey Berger, 23.54.

In the female division, 11 and under, Ashley McGinley, Teegan Kunkle, and Olivia Wolfe; 12 to 14, Grace Shanton, Maureen Kloup and Danielle Spilman; 15 to 19, Lacey Haldeman; 20 to 24, Shelby Dietz, Trisha McElmoyle, and Chelsey Kurak; and 25 to 29, Renee Santore, Rachel Quinn, and Julie Kunkle; 30 to 34, Stacey Lipton, Jennifer Lusch, and Shannon Gruber; 35 to 39, Stacey McGinley, Jen Karnish, and Michelle Searfoss; 40 to 44, Michelle Markovich, Ann Marie Paluck and Kathy Goldberg; 45 to 49, Nancy Smith, Karen Ziegenfuss and Karla Eisenhauer; 50 to 54, Donna Merring, Lisa Marks, and Brenda Wagner; 55 to 59, Mary Kunkel; 60 to 64, Marie O'Donnell and Carol Ritter; 65 to 69, Claire Yaich.

Overall male walkers were Tom Lager, James Kalinosky and Vince Yaich; and overall female walkers were, Gwynn Lazorick, Trisha Carroll and Caroline Snerr.