Dear Editor:

How about that wacky weather we've been having! How about the earthquakes, crop failures, tornadoes, floods and tsunamis in the news? How is it that one neighbor can get damage to their property during the hailstorm last week and another not? Often these things take us by surprise, so I stand in awe and say loudly: "We're not in charge!" God is!

The elites of the human race think that they can engage in population control, genocide and kill the unborn, genetically alter our food, pollute the ground, air and water, even try to modify the weather, yet, I stand in awe and say loudly: "We're not in charge!" God is! It is His earth and we are its caretakers, not owners.

God says that there will be a day of reckoning, when all will have to make an accounting for their lives. There is a stiff price to be paid for playing God. When will we finally realize that we are finite, make mistakes and don't have all of the answers? Is He trying to tell us something? Let's stop and understand these signs before it's too late. My parents used to say: "Hospodi pomiluj- Lord, have mercy!" We surely need it.

Nicholas Butrie