Tamaqua Area High School's top senior students were honored at the 53rd Annual Tamaqua Area Student Achievement Dinner held May 16 in the Tamaqua Elementary School gymnasium.

The dinner is sponsored annually by a student recognition committee not affiliated with the school district.

Among the top awards were five J.E. Morgan Foundation Scholarships, worth $16,000 each, which were presented to Dane DeWire, Jessica Leiby, Alyssa Keich, Paige Baddick and Samantha Guth.

The Ernest Scheller III Memorial Scholarship, worth $12,000, was awarded to Samantha Guth.

The Floyd and Arlene Zimmerman Charitable Gift, valued at $10,000, was presented to Carl Wittig.

The Abe Hassan Memorial Scholarship, worth $5,500, was presented to Calvin Troxell.

Jessica Leiby received the Benjamin Herring Scholarship for $5,000.

The Theodore and Wilda Leiser Memorial Foundation Scholarship for $5,000 was presented to Travis Veronsky.

Schuyler Schmidt received both the Fenstermacher Prize, the district's oldest scholarship award, valued at $4,800, and the William and Florence Fegley and Family Award of $3,000.

Jordan Nowacki was awarded $5,000 via the Horatio Alger Scholarship.

The Theodore Leiser Memorial Scholarship, worth $4,177, was awarded to Travis Veronsky.

Air Products and Chemicals, Inc., presented five $1,000 awards to Schuyler Schmidt, Calvin Troxell, Carl Wittig, Dane DeWire and Nathanial Leibensperger.

The Humbert Lendin Music Scholarship of $3,000 was awarded to Casey Sassaman.

The Tamaqua Education Association presented two $1,000 scholarships, which were awarded to Schuyler Schmidt and Natalie Davison.

Vanessa Wagner was awarded $2,000 from the Alice Konecny Memorial Scholarship.

Dane DeWire also received $1,317.04 from the James D. Collins Award.

Other $1,000 awards were the National Leadership Forum Awards given to Spencer Bennett and Brianne Curvey; the Catherine and Junior Zehner Award given to Travis M. Hill; and the John and Nell Forrest Scholarship given to Emily Zancofsky.

The full list of awards presented to each student at the dinner included:

Schuyler Schmidt, Calvin Troxell, Carl Wittig, Dane DeWire and Nathanial Leibensperger - Air Products and Chemicals Award ($1,000 each);

Casey Sassaman – Humbert Lendin Music Scholarship ($3,000);

Kayla Begley, Rachel Confer – Joan Albo Memorial Scholarship ($100);

Lauren Androkitis – Tamaqua American Legion Award ($250);

Paige Kosica – Drs. Larry and Pamela Assalita Scholarships ($500);

Samantha Guth – B.P.W. Girl of the Year ($250);

Kayla Begley – Bailey's Building Supplies Top Vo-Tech Award ($100);

Casey Sassaman – Beta Sigma Phi ($250);

Natalie Davison – Class of 2009 Scholarship ($500);

Dane DeWire – James D. Collins ($1,317.04);

Melody Kelly, Carl Wittig – D.A.R.E. Steering Committee ($500/$250);

Dane DeWire – Arnold Delin Award ($500);

Stacey Wallace – George Durilla Award ($250);

Carl Wittig, Amber Schock – Tamaqua Elks B.P.O. #592 Award ($250 each);

Schuyler Schmidt – The Fegley Award ($3,000);

Schuyler Schmidt – The Fenstermacher Prize ($4,800);

Gwen Turner, Jeff Pearson – The Eric Fenstermacher Memorial Award ($100);

Dylan Matsago – The Flexer Photography Award ($100);

Schuyler Schmidt, Carl Wittig, Jill Hoppes – The Fisher Memorial Award ($100/$75/$50);

Emily Zancofsky – John and Nell Forrest Scholarship ($1,000);

Jessica Leiby – Schuylkill Carbon Fraternal Order of Police ($100);

Christopher Condrack – Kermit Gregory Award ($100);

Calvin Troxell – Abe Hassan Memorial Scholarship ($5,500);

Jessica Leiby – Benjamin Herring Memorial Scholarship ($5,000);

Kyle Cunningham – Gloria Hoffman Poetic Award ($100);

Jordan Nowacki – Horatio Alger Scholarship ($5,000);

Danny Starry – John Klimowitch Memorial Award ($250);

Kyle Cunningham – The William Klingaman Award ($200);

Vanessa Wagner – Alice Konecny Memorial Scholarship ($2,000);

Travis Veronsky – Theodore Leiser Memorial Scholarship ($4,177);

Casey Sassaman – Humbert Lendin Music Scholarship ($3,000);

Lauren Mateyak – Walter Ligenza Award ($100);

Erin Zeigler – The Tamaqua Lions Award ($500);

Alex Sanchez – M & T Financial Bank Award ($200 bond);

Jill Hoppes – John Mettler Future Educator's Scholarship ($500);

Carl Wittig – Dr. Richard Miller Award ($100);

Kelsey Burkett – Kyle and Amy Miller Scholarship ($500);

Rachel Confer – Diane Miller Memorial Scholarship ($100);

Dane DeWire, Jessica Leiby, Alyssa Keich, Paige Baddick and Samantha Guth – John E. Morgan Foundation Scholarship ($16,000 each);

Samantha Guth – Chad Muffley (Family) Memorial Scholarship ($250);

Brianne Curvey, Spencer Bennett – National Leadership Forum Awards ($100 each);

Jerome Betz – The Rotary Award ($500);

Erin Zeigler – Robert Wenzel Memorial Scholarship ($250);

Gwen Turner – Stephanie Ryan Memorial Award ($250);

Jeff Pearson – Jashen Schaeffer Memorial Award ($500);

Samantha Guth – Ernest Scheller Memorial Scholarship ($12,000);

Michael Streisel, Allison Updike – Schuylkill County International Athletic Association Scholarship ($100 each);

Jordan Nowacki – Edward Shafer Memorial Scholarship ($200);

Kolby Mashack – St. Luke's Miners Memorial Scholarship ($500);

Amber Schock – St. Luke's Medical Staff ($500);

Schuyler Schmidt, Natalie Davison – TASGA Scholarship ($500 each);

Schuyler Schmidt, Natalie Davison – Tamaqua Education Association Award ($1,000 each);

Samantha Guth – Tamaqua Biology Club Award ($200);

Megan Felty, Kelsey Burkett – Towle Family Scholarship ($150 each);

Amber Schock – Margaret C. Truskey Memorial Scholarship ($100);

Jeff Fetter – Class of "1946" Award ($300);

Jessica Leiby – Fred M. Valent, Jr. Memorial Scholarship ($500);

Kolby Mashack – John Veronsky Memorial Scholarship ($100);

Allison Updike – Wendal Welsh Award ($400);

Schuyler Schmidt – George Willing Award ($100);

Travis M. Hill – Catherine and Junior Zehner Award ($1,000);

Carl Wittig – Floyd and Arlene Zimmerman Charitable Gift Award ($10,000);