Carbon Career and Technical Institute officially renamed its restaurant, The Ronald Esrang Restaurant at the Harvest Café on Tuesday. CCTI renamed the restaurant in honor of Esrang and the service and dedication he gave to CCTI.

Drew Yenser, President of the C.C.A.V.T.S Authority Board, unveiled a plaque naming the restaurant after Esrang and honoring him. The plaque is mounted on the wall in the foyer of the restaurant. Yenser also presented a smaller personal plaque to Esrang and his wife, Phyllis Esrang.

The plaque stated, "The Restaurant is dedicated in honor of Ronald Esrang for thirty-two years of loyal and continuous service to the Carbon Career and Technical Institute."

Esrang served on the C.C.A.V.T.S Authority Board for 32 years as Assistant Secretary and Treasurer. The Authority Board works with the building and grounds of CCTI and the board is made up of members from the five school districts in Carbon County.

Esrang also served his community by working with his church and youth in the area. He also coached Babe Ruth baseball for 13 years.

"He is a dedicated person to the community," said Joyce Reed, Esrang's sister-in-law.

The Authority Board recommended that the restaurant be renamed in honor of Esrang and the Joint Operating Committee of CCTI approved it.

"The whole board wanted this. They wanted to honor his 32 years of service," stated Yenser.

Both Esrang and his wife stated that he had been serving at CCTI a long time and that the restaurant being named for him was such an honor to them.

Dave Reinbold, Administrative Director stated, "We really appreciate Ron's dedication and commitment to CCTI for all these years."

The restaurant at CCTI was originally named the Harvest Café by the culinary arts students. The administration wished to rename the restaurant in honor of Esrang while also maintaining the original name.

The Ronald Esrang Restaurant at the Harvest Café is open to the public, by reservation only, on Wednesday's when school is in session.