S.S. Palmer Elementary School learned important facts about the American flag from the Navy Club of Carbon County Wednesday.

Navy Club members commander Scott Reinhart, senior executive Stanley Jaroszewski and Chaplain and historian Bob "Ski" Siesputowski taught all the students at S.S. Palmer through an interactive presentation.

Students learned how to properly hold and fold the American flag by participating in the demonstration.

Students were also taught that it is disrespectful to hang a tattered flag. Instead, the Navy Club members told the students that the flag should be retired through a proper flag burning service instead of being thrown in the trash can.

Children also learned that the stripes represent the thirteen original colonies and each star stands for one of the 50 states.

In addition, students learned about the seven types of American flag. The children were surprised to learn that the flag did not always feature it's red and white stripes and stars. Instead, the original flag was yellow with a snake and the quote, "Don't tread on me."

The Navy Club has been teaching about flags for the past four months and has made 10 presentations.

If interested in a presentation, call the Navy Club at (570) 645-7312 or (570) 645-3643 to set up a day and a time.