Some major improvements are occurring to the Ginder Field playground in Summit Hill.

New rides are being added, existing rides are being painted, buildings are getting fresh paint, more picnic tables will be placed here, and much-needed maintenance is occurring at the pavilion.

Even a foot bridge over a small drainage ditch is getting a new coat of paint.

The work is being done with volunteers by the Summit Hill Recreation Commission.

Monica Marshall, chairman of the recreation commission, said there will be four new rides added. They are scheduled to arrive by this weekend.

Meanwhile, volunteers have been working on weekends and evenings on the park, which already includes slides, toddler and teen swings, climbing bars, and a metal fire truck.

Last night, while the helpers were painting the foot bridge and sanding the fire truck, Marshall was assisted by Jodi McAndrew and Maria Szczecina in taking inventory of items stored in buildings at the playground.

Marshall said the funds for the project are from the recreation commission.

"We used the funds we made from the 2011 Stay at Home Festival," she said. "We want the community to see that we do more than festivals. We actually use the money for what our purpose is. Our goal for Ginder Field is to provide a place for the Summit Hill children and their parents to go and relax, play and enjoy. It's more of a family thing."

She added, "Once the pavilion is finished we would like to see people use it for picnics, special gatherings or just a place for moms and dads to chat while their kids play on the rides."

Most of the work on the fire truck is being done by Dean Founds Jr.

"He is stripping the fire truck ride down to the bare metal and re-painting it," Marshall said. "He has made this his project."

Besides the four new rides, three new swings have been purchased.