It was an appropriate start to their concert.

The band Sweet was at Penn's Peak in Jim Thorpe last night and opened with their 1975 hit "Action.

"I've got what everybody needs, satisfaction guarantees,

that everybody wants a piece of the action."

It was on-stage action for the rest of the night as the British rock band entertained with one wild hit after another.

Of course, the highlight of the concert was the singing of "Little Willy," a pop tune about a dancing maniac who won't go home.

"I'm sure we'll have audience participation on this one," said lead singer Joe Retta before the band began beating out the "Littly Willy" tune.

He was right. Audience members from ages 11 and 12 to senior citizens sang along to "Little Willy, Willy won't, go home. But you can't push Willy around....."

Sweet, whose founder Steve Priest serves as bassist and vocalist was behind the reorganization of the band in 2008 after it disbanded more than 25 years earlier, has gained a few pounds since the group's rock and roll rampage in the early to mid 70s.

Those who are long time fans of the band say they sound the same today as they when the recorded the hits.

Linda Lozo of Shavertown, Luzerne County, was singing along to every song Sweet sang.

"I think they're fabulous," she said, adding that obviously "Little Willy" was the highlight of the night.

Her husband, Ed, was impressed by Retta. "We thought he was very good," Ed remarked.

He said he most enjoyed "seeing Linda have a good time."

Ed said he never was much of a Sweet fan, but when Linda heard the group was coming to Penn's Peak she familiarized him with their songs. She also convinced deejays at the Dallas (Luzerne County) American Legion to play "Little Willie" during events there.

This is the first time the Lozo's have seen Sweet in concert. One reason is that this might be their first appearance ever in Eastern Pa.

Of course the band did their other big hits including "Fox On The Run," "Wig-Wam Bam," "Love Is Like Oxygen," and "The Ballroom Blitz," which was their curtain call number.

There's more music from the golden past scheduled tonight at Penn's Peak when Peter Noone and Herman's Hermits appear on stage. The concert starts at 8 o'clock and tickets are available at the door.