At the Lehighton Municipal Swimming Pool refreshment stand, you can buy typical selections like hamburgers, pizza and ice cream.

You also can purchase sugar-free yogurt with oatmeal, chicken fiesta salad, and other healthy options.

Chrissy Mayernik, coach for Tuff Camp based in Lehighton, which periodically meets at the pool, said Tuff Camp has given the pool $250 to add a healthy menu to the refreshment stand.

"We encourage people to eat healthy," said Mayernik. "Some people are here five to seven days a week. We hope they eat more than just cheeseburgers and fries."

Lehighton recreation director Tom Evans said he is glad to see people like Mayernik show an interest, not only in the pool but in healthy lifestyles.

"We're giving it a pilot trial," he said, adding that so far he has seen success.

He said he observed some parents tell their children they may go to the snack bar, but they must select a healthy choice item to complement their regular selection.

For example, he said, one mother allowed her child to get a cheesesteak provided he also got a bag of apples.

Aaliyah Stanley, 10, of Lehighton, didn't need prodding to buy something healthy. She opted for sugar-free yogurt with oatmeal.

"It's really good," she said.

Mayernik said she's hoping to sell the idea of healthy food choices to booster clubs and other organizations for refreshment stands at sporting events.