Spencer Bennett, a 2011 Tamaqua graduate, put on a "Hip Hop Hates Cancer" event at the Mohn Building on Center Street Friday evening to raise money for the American Cancer Society(ACS).

Bennett lined up several local amateur rappers, including himself, and dancers, such as the Tamaqua cheerleading squad, all performing to the sounds of Isiah "DJ Izz" Roper.

Roper said, "I knew Spencer from school, and I'm here to show my support."

A small admission was charged, and food and drinks were sold with all proceeds benefit the ACS. La Dolce Casa, Sisters and Piercini's also contributed gift certificates, which were raffled off. Just over $400 was raised during the event.

"I wanted to get something together for my friends to do on a Friday night," Bennett said, "something with rap and hip hop, and I wanted to have it as a benefit for the cancer society because I lost loved ones. This is my way of combining two of my loves, hip hop and the family members I have lost to cancer, into one event."

Volunteer Lori Kane stated her appreciation to all who took part in and attended the event.

The music drew a crowd of local teenagers. Bennett plans to hold this event annually during summer, hoping to bring more people in each year. He said, "I made it pretty well with what I had."