Summit Hill officials haven't come up with a reason why two residents are getting sewage backing into their basement.

On Thursday, Summit Hill and Lansford borough workers utilized special cameras to examine the sewerage system on West Amidon Street and the 100 block of North Walnut Street, and found the lines to be intact.

"The lines are good," said Joe Kosalko, work force supervisor in Summit Hill.

He said the only situation revealed was that on both streets, the laterals were pushed too far into the mains. At those points the camera couldn't get past the connections. He said such types of connections were common in hookups done many years ago.

Kosalko said the sewerage system is over 100 years old.

"There are no breaks, no collapses, and no dirt in them," he assured. "Maybe they will have to be flushed by the borough; at least the problem lines."

Charles and Debbie Ziegler of East Amidon Street have been complaining for months about sewage periodically backing-up into the basement.

Debbie Ziegler told the council last week that her plumber insists there is a collapsed pipe in the street. Members of Summit Hill Borough Council said the camera surveillance has been utilized and no such problem can be detected on East Amidon Street.

John Evans of the 100 block of North Walnut Street said that he also had a problem of sewage coming into his basement, prompting the borough to check the lines.

Kosalko said the borough ordinance states that if the problem is with the main, then the borough must fix it.

If the problem is with the lateral, then it's up to the resident to get it fixed even if it means having a contractor dig up the street to make the repairs. At many homes, the main runs down the middle of the street where it is met by laterals.

Lansford borough owns the special camera used to televise the interior of the sewer lines.

Summit Hill utilizes it through a shared services agreement.

The televising of the line was done by Lansford workers Mario Marconi and Robert Stackhouse, and Summit Hill workers Kosalko and John O'Gurek.