The Walnutport Borough Council reviewed two ordinances that will have an impact on landlords, tenants and people who store "junk" vehicles on their property.

Over the past several months council discussed subjecting landlords to an inspection where they would have to meet checklist requirements and receive a license before they could rent their property.

With only a few outstanding issues to be discussed, such as who will do the inspections and who would handle the extra burden of sending out yearly licenses, it's a done deal. A letter, along with a proposed checklist will soon be sent out to all Walnutport landlords.

A Junk Vehicle Ordinance along with the property maintenance code will allow the borough to have two avenues in which to address abandoned vehicles on properties. Junk vehicles are categorized by not having a license plate. An exception is if someone wants to do repairs. They can notify the borough for a 60 day reprieve. An unlicensed car that is not being repaired and not classified as "junk," can be kept on the property, but it must be kept under a tarp.

A third ordinance, The Earned Income Tax ordinance (EIT Ordinance) was adopted. However, this ordinance is transparent to the residents of Walnutport. The one percent EI Tax that is currently collected will continue to be collected. The only change is that Berkheimers will now be the agent to handle the tax.

In other business, it was found that a computer at the police department didn't have antivirus software on it, which put sensitive information at risk. It was determined that aside from needing a policy stating who can add or delete software, the current password also needs to be changed.

The Council made a motion that the new password be given to the Chief of Police and the Borough Secretary. In the future, only authorized personnel with the new password can do, or permit, access to administrative functions.