One topic of a mine tour discussed during the No. 9 Mine Coal Miner's Festival held on Sunday was about the large steel head house, aka head frame. The head house, built in the early 1900's, is still located in the mountain behind the Boyer's Food Market, Lansford, and stretches approximately 1,800 feet north of the mine's Dock Street mine entrance.

No. 9 Mine President, Dave Kuchta, mentioned that the head house was last used in 1969. The house utilized two steel pulley wheels, aka sheaves, weighing 8-tons each, which operated the two elevators that were used to lower and lift mine cars and miners between the four underground levels in the mine's 900 foot deep shaft. The sheaves were cast in Bethlehem Steel. Despite suffering almost a hundred years of mother nature, vandals and metal scrappers, the house and its two sheaves still stand today.