Members of the Franklin Township Quick Response Squad (QRS) found out just how many supplies could be purchased with $1,000, when all the supplies were displayed before distribution.

Robert Mertz, QRS captain, said that the Franklin Township Lions Club donated $1,000 to the QRS and that the funds were used to purchase disposable and reusable supplies for the members to use when they respond to medical emergencies in the township.

The QRS has eight members who are neighbors and friends.

"We get there first," said Tom Chew, member. Chew said that he has literally helped his next door neighbors twice and other members have gone on to help people in their neighborhood.

"The fire company has a wonderful sense of family," said Chew. "That is why I enjoy being involved so much. I love the people and the sense of community it brings."

Mertz said that he knows that fundraising is getting more difficult for everyone and he appreciates the Franklin Township Lions Club efforts.

"A few years ago we received these special jackets for our members to wear on calls," said Mertz. The jackets are bright neon green with reflective areas that make them highly visible, even at night.

Mertz said that the supplies would be divided between the members to fill their kits.

"We want to thank the Lions for the $1,000 donation," he said. "We wanted to show everyone just what $1,000 purchases."

The Franklin QRS is part of the Franklin Township Volunteer Fire Company.