Ten tips for eating well and losing weight, so you can feel and look your best:

1. Start every day with a healthy and sensible breakfast.

2. Plan meals well in advance. It's too easy to make unhealthy choices when you're hungry.

3. Include a first course with your lunch or dinner. Start with a high-water-content food like salad or a broth-based soup, and then have a smaller main course.

4. When serving yourself, first fill half your plate with vegetables, then add the meat and starch.

5. Keep a big bowl of ripe seasonal fruit within easy reach. Add a serving of fruit to all your meals, and if you need a snack, go to the bowl.

6. Reconsider that high-calorie drink. Juices and sodas pack a lot of calories without making you feel any fuller.

7. Upgrade to whole grains whenever possible. You'll feel satisfied for longer and you'll increase your vitamin, mineral and fiber intake.

8. Be calorie-savvy! Read nutrition labels and know how to spot hidden diet-busters, like unrealistic portion sizes, sugars and fats.

9. Select reduced-fat items in the dairy section. The calories are not that different between reduced-fat and fat-free, but the taste is.

10. Snacks can be part of a healthy diet. It's a long time between lunch and dinner, so add a mini-meal, like a piece of fruit and cheese, a handful of nuts or a high-fiber snack bar.

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