About 5,000 square feet of ceiling tile and numerous bathroom stall dividers at the vacated Wal-Mart Store in Mahoning Township will be utilized by Lehighton borough.

Alton Steigerwalt, workforce supervisor for Lehighton borough, said the tiles and stalls will be used on the second floor of the new police station and the community center in Lehighton.

The building is now owned by Lowe's Home Improvement Center. Steigerwalt said when he asked Lowe's for the ceiling tiles, a representative of the store told him, "Take what you want."

Steigerwalt estimates the bathroom dividers are worth about $8,000 and the ceiling tiles and its grids have a value of about $2,000. Borough workers are doing the removal work from the old Wal-Mart.

The empty store, located along SR443 across from Carbon Plaza Mall, opened in 1994. It was closed on Oct. 26 of last year, and a Wal-Mart Supercenter built a half-mile away opened the following day.

The police station is moving from the Lehighton Municipal Building on Second Street to the Station 2 building of the Lehighton Fire Department on South Third Street.

The first floor of the new police station contains offices and a holding cell and is nearly ready for occupancy. The second floor will have a locker room, bathrooms, and lunch area.

Steigerwalt said the grids and tiles taken from the vacated store will allow for the installation of a drop ceiling on the second floor of the police department, which will result in heat cost savings.

It hasn't been determined how much of the salvaged materials will be used at the community center.

"This is a significant savings to the taxpayers in Lehighton borough," said Steigerwalt.

Wal-Mart has donated some shelves from the old store for the evidence room of the police department, the borough supervisor added.