Lehighton Elementary School Districts announces the Elementary Students of the Month of December.

At East Penn Elementary School, selected as students of the month are: kindergarten, Mrs. Betz, Olivia Sirsky; and Miss Wassmer, Morgan Peters; first grade, Mrs. Bruch, Tret Solt; and Mrs. Zerbe, Kaylee Strohl; second grade, Mrs. Biery, Steven Fritzinger; and Mrs. Bonser, Taylor Engle; third grade, Mrs. Snyder, Roger Arthur; and fourth grade, Mrs. Breiner, Jordyn Zwetolitz and Logan Pagotto.

Students of the month at Franklin Elementary School are, kindergarten, Mrs. Hlavaty, Dominick Angelus; Mrs. Smith, Ashlyn Popovich; and Mrs. Zimmerman, Taylor Bowman; first grade, Mrs. Bussey-Williams, Jaiden Muffley and Ian Werner; Mrs. Hydro, Tyler Rex; and Mrs. Kirsch, Tyler Rehrig; second grade, Miss Cox, Molly Mihalko and Lyle Cordes; Miss Hoppes, Ashley Marchessault; and Mrs. Roberts, Kaleena Craig; third grade, Mr. Gilotti, Karissa Hough; Mr. Snyder, Sarah Handago; Mrs. Zimmerman, Rayna Wehr; and Ms. Beck, Kaitlyn Solomon; fourth grade, Mrs. Gerber, Ryan Nametko; Mrs. Hedash, Olivia Frendt; Mrs. Strausberger, Alexandra Hydro; and Mrs. Sirsky, Alexis LaRochelle.

At Mahoning Elementary School, students selected as students of the month were, kindergarten, Mrs. Geiser, Briyonna Daniels and Jason Miklus; and Mrs. Kocher, Eliza Andrew and Trey Gower; first grade, Miss Miller, Katie Steigerwalt and Logan Kester; and Mrs. Rodgers, Sophia Foreaker and Douglas Endy; second grade, Mrs. Boyle, Emily DeKorte and Christian Poplin; and Mrs. Lewis, Sophia Salerno and Roger Pomposello; third grade, third grade, Mrs. Blisard, Emily Rotherforth and Jack Kemmerle; and Mr. Kresge, Abigail Hoppes and Aidan Malloy; and fourth grade, Mrs. Rupell, Cara Palumbo and Samuel Maholick; Mrs. Stahler, Tyler Motzkus and Hailley Hentosh; and Mrs. Polaha, Eric Biggs.

Shull-David Elementary Students of the Month of December are: kindergarten, Mrs. Haydt, Cady Gustafson and Lucas Schatz; Mrs. Maloney, Cole Smith and Giovanna Lorenzo; Mrs. Rakos, Mariah Eckley and Mylah Delgado; Mrs. Wentz, Brenna Hunt and Chase Reeder; first grade, Mrs. Matika, Hailey Anthony and Kyle Nahf; Mrs. Petit-Clair, Tate Sharrow and Amanda Steigerwalt; Mr. Schaeffer, Joshua Steigerwalt and Emma Harris; second grade, Mrs. Barth, Lydia Snyder and Ryan Smith; Miss Grasso, Jayden Gable and Accaylia Schaeffer; and Mr. Herman, Seth Fisher and Lily McDonough; third grade, Mrs. Boyle, Payge Lindner and Dylan McIntosh; Mrs. Weiss, Brett Gasker and Alexander Zeigenfuss; and Miss Wilk, Hailey Matlock and Ethan Lutz; and fourth grade, Mrs. Cressley, Joshua Gandy and Haley Nahf; and Mrs. Dillman, Paige Brunell and Jack Kogut.