According to the Julian Calendar, today, marks the observance of Christ's birth.

So, if you worship in an orthodox church, Merry Christmas.

There's something that today's celebrants have which local folks who celebrated the Western Christmas 13 days ago didn't have: snow.

It was a white Christmas today as several inches of snow blanketed the region.

While it wasn't a crippling storm, it was bad enough to cause accidents, close schools, and force shoveling.

One accident was reported at Ninth and Mahoning Street in Lehighton where a truck struck a utility pole and severed it. There were no injuries.

A total of 1-3 inches was predicted by the National Weather Service before precipitation ends around noon. Sunshine was forecast for later this afternoon.

Al Steigerwalt, public works supervisor in Lehighton, termed it a "nuisance snow."

He said the weather was predicted so the road crew applied salt.

"At 5 a.m. the roads were bare," Steigerwalt said. More snow fell and within a couple of hours they became slick, forcing the crew to add more salt.

He said plowing will occur later this morning after the salt softens the snow which had fallen since then.

The National Weather Service is advising that after clearing today's mess, don't put your brushes and shovels away.

Another system could move through the region tomorrow, dumping an inch or so of fresh snow.

All meteorological eyes are watching a system expected to impact the region on Tuesday.

The National Weather Service says at the present time, most indications are that a low pressure system that will form will move too far to the east to give us significant accumulation.

"The exact track that this storm takes will determine the impact that the storm has on our weather, but right now it appears that Tuesday into Tuesday night would be the most favored time," the Weather Service said.

It's too early to give estimated snowfall amounts, say forecasters.