When Pink Floyd toured in 1977 on their "In the Flesh" tour, a major part of the show included "flying pigs."

The tour promoted Pink Floyd's "Animals" album, which was sandwiched between the better-known "Wish You Were Here" and "The Wall" LPs.

Thursday at Penn's Peak, in a concert beginning at 8 p.m., "The Pink Floyd Experience" will re-create an "In the Flesh" concert complete with the "flying pigs."

Showtime is 8 p.m. Tickets are $35 and $30.

The is the debut appearance of the Canada-based "Pink Floyd Experience," which has been doing Pink Floyd tribute shows for the past 15 years.

Although band members are originally from California, Pink Floyd Experience is part of Annerin Productions in Canada. Annerin Productions scoured the globe for the talent they needed to succeed in the endeavor and they claim to have found it in the six musicians that comprise PFX.

Tom Quinn, band leader and a native of San Diego, spoke to us from his tour bus in Philadelphia, Wednesday.

Of the "Animals" setting, Quinn said, "People are loving it. The album was kind of a critical failure. There was not a lot of airplay. It didn't produce any hits. But it is a very good album."

He said he and fellow band members decided to do "Animals" because "Everybody hears 'Dark Side of the Moon,' 'Wish You Were Here,' and 'The Wall.' We wanted to do something different."

For the album, Pink Floyd bought a three-story block of church halls at 35 Britannia Row in Islington, England and set about converting the building into a recording studio and storage facility.

"Animals" was loosely based on George Orwell's political fable "Animal Farm," its lyrics described various classes of society as dogs, pigs, and sheep.

"This album is not as laid back as 'Dark Side of the Moon,'" explained Quinn, band leader and lead guitarist.

In 1973, when "The Dark Side Of The Moon" was released, Tom bought his first guitar and started his first band. From day one, his chief mentor was David Gilmour. Tom also cites Joe Walsh and Leslie West as big influences on his playing. He dates the musical roots of PFX back to 1994, and Pink Floyd's Division Bell tour stop in San Diego.

Pink Floyd Experience hit the stage in April 1995, and went on to garner many San Diego Music Awards from 1999 to 2003.

"There are many Pink Floyd regional shows around," said Quinn. "Everywhere we go, there seems to be, within 150 miles, another Pink Floyd tribute band. We do get along."

Among the songs on the "Animals" album are "Pigs on the Wing," "Dogs," and "Sheep."

Quinn said because he is a guitarist, among his favorite numbers on the LP is "Dogs," which featured Pink Floyd's Gilmour.

"If you love Pink Floyd, then it's one-stop shopping," he said regarding the Penn's Peak show. "We are not just a Pink Floyd tribute band. We do the concert the way Pink Floyd did it with 3-D sonic soundscape, flying pigs."