At Monday night's school board meeting the preliminary budget for the 2011-2012 school year was passed. This preliminary budget is not the final budget and the final budget needs to be passed by the end of May.

The preliminary budget was listed as an increase of $4 million with a total budget of $46.52 million.

"This is just the starting point for the final 2011-2012 budget," stated board member Randall Smith. This budget cannot be passed as the final budget because legally the budget can only increase .68 million. "We need a preliminary budget as a starting point so we can get the ball rolling and work on the final budget," said Smith.

The board discussed concerns that the state will be cutting funding for education by $300 million. Smith states, "Approximately $5.5 million of our budget comes from the state. The rest is from property taxes. We struggle with raising taxes because we know everyone else is struggling."

Board member Thomas Henry stated that all the employees in the district could take a wage freeze for two years as a way to keep from raising taxes. The board discussed the district taking a wage freeze and it will be looked into and further discussed.

With the preliminary budget passed the school district will begin working on the final budget.