At the Jan. 26 Schuylkill County Commissioners' meeting, it was announced that Rush Township is expected to receive $60,000 in funds through the Community Development Block Grant Program.

The county expects to receive a grant of $443,206. The county had received a total of 23 applications to consider for funding. A total of 10 projects were awarded CDBG funds by the commissioners.

Chairman of the Rush Township Board of Supervisors, Stephen W. Simchak gave a brief summary about the project.

"Our sanitary sewer system in the Village of Hometown is very old and in need of repairs and replacement," said Simchak. "The first phase of our plan is the Meadow Avenue Area. During heavy rains, the system is surcharged and taxed by groundwater and rainwater. The residential homes and our elementary school become flooded with raw sewage. This is unsanitary and dangerous to our citizens. They deserve a better quality of life.

"Future sanitary sewer improvements will help our Industrial Park, known as 'T.I.D.E.'. Silberline Manufacturing and U.P.S. along with other smaller companies have facilities located there. Acres of raw land are also located there. We need these upgrades to retain existing local jobs and to also promote future economic growth. This will create new jobs and increase our tax base.

"We appreciate the Schuylkill County Board of Commissioners for selecting our project for funding. Rush Township will continue to improve and grow through the efforts of the Commissioners and the CDBG grant."