West Penn Township police are investigating a home break-in and a copper theft at the intersection of SR309 and Mush Dahl road.

Sometime between Tuesday and Wednesday night, burglars stole all of the copper piping, including the baseboard heaters, off the walls from the home owned by Jay Bluebaker The burglars reportedly failed to gain access to a home just to the south.

It appeared none of the copper wiring was disturbed. Police later learned that someone attempted to enter a home along SR309 owned by Ruth Kemmerer. There, the wires to the phone and cable were cut in an apparent attempt to disable any burglar alarm. Chief of Police Brian Johnson, however, said it did not appear anyone gained access to the home.

Johnson said both homes are vacant and are therefore an inviting target for thieves looking for valuable metals such as copper. Johnson added that this is the time of the year when neighbors should look out for their neighbors, especially if they are left unoccupied for a period since many of the dwellings may contain costly Christmas gifts.