The Palmerton Lions Club met at the Fireline Hotel for its annual Christmas banquet with 40 people in attendance.

The first order of business was a vote to support the Veterans Memorial planned for the Palmerton park. President George Unangst said, following a favorable vote, that a check for $200 will be contributed.

Several members had health problems in the past year and thanked the club for the support they received.

Pastor John Hazel, during the invocation, asked God to "bless this meal and especially bless Claire Heiny" who is in the hospital.

Ken Huber and Jane Hower, owners of the Fireline Hotel, received a plaque for their support of the Lions and in particular for hosting the meetings.

Eva Schisler received a Glittering Boutique and an art kit. She is the only remaining young child of members. Other youngsters are grandchildren.

Betty Silliman dipped pretzel sticks in chocolate and gave them to the members. Calendars with recipes were handed out to everyone. There were homemade Christmas balls and/or pine cone ornaments.

Numbers were drawn and people could choose a present. Unfortunately, there were not enough presents. This was intentional since from that point on when a number was called the person was allowed to take a package from someone else. Some packages changed hands frequently by the time the final number was called.