In the mood to be entertained?

If the answer to that query is in the affirmative, then make it a point to attend the Palmerton Area High School Drama Club's fall production.

Those who do are in for a real treat when the drama club performs two featured plays at 7 p.m. Thursday in the high school auditorium.

Brent Harris, drama coach, said the two plays will be "The Trail of the Big Bad Wolf" and "A Rose for Emily."

Harris said "The Trail of the Big Bad Wolf" follows the events that take place after the traditional tales of the wolf and the three little pigs.

The play takes place within a courtroom setting and the jury/courtroom members are made up of many other familiar fairy tale characters, he said.

Both the wolf and the pigs each get to tell their side of the story and there are a few surprises in store at the end of the show about the other characters involved, Harris said.

"This is our chance to cut loose as a club and have some fun," Harris said. "The show contains a great deal of humor, as well as a good lesson about the danger in making judgments about others."

Harris said "A Rose for Emily" is taught in the school's senior language arts classes and "is a bit more challenging in its content."

It follows the life of a Southern woman named Emily after the American Civil War, Harris said. The show teaches about her life and relationships as told through various community members and through flashbacks, he said.

The majority of the play takes place in her home following her funeral, but also includes moments where Emily is seen interacting with those community members in the past as well, Harris said.

"This play also has a twist, at its conclusion that shocks the characters in it, and hopefully this year's audience as well," he said.

"'Emily' is definitely one of the most challenging plays we have done in the past few years, but has been a joy to develop and produce."

There is an admission fee to attend.