West Penn Township police are investigating an attempted home invasion which led to an exchange of gunfire between the intruders and the homeowner.

Chief of Police Brian Johnson reports that Patrolman Jason Lorah was dispatched at 2:36 a.m. last Thursday, to the home of Michael Savlik Jr. at 36A Air Strip Lane on a report of shots fired.

Upon arrival Lorah was told by Savlik that he heard something which woke him up. When he went to investigate, he saw two men riding a four wheeler down his driveway and heading toward the home of his father, Michael Savlik Sr., a short distance away. He also told police one of the two men was holding a long gun, possibly a shotgun or a rifle.

Johnson reports the young Savlik jumped into his pickup truck and drove to his father's home. There Savlik said he observed the four wheeler cross the breast of a dam on the property and enter a remote hidden path.

A fallen tree blocked the path so the two on the all terrain vehicle turned around and headed back toward Savlik in his pickup truck.

It was at this point one of the two fired a shot at Savlik, who returned fire, firing three shots at the duo, who at that point fled the scene.

Savlik described the driver as having frizzy blonde hair with a stocky build and wearing an old yellow T-shirt. The passenger was described as short with dark hair and wearing a green shirt.

The four wheeler was a gray 1980s model, make unknown.

A search of the immediate area by Lorah and Tamaqua police produced no findings. In his investigation at the home, however,

Lorah did discover a sliding door, which was found open, and was able to remove several finger prints from the door.

Police believe the two fled in a westerly direction, driving along a power line atop the ridge over some very remote and dense paths, and then using large fields along Mush Dahl Road to make their way toward the village of Clamtown.

Anyone with any information are urged to notify police.