Solid attendance rate. Check.

Efficient transportation schedule. Check.

Adherance to the new dress code policy. Check.

On the heels of a ferocious weekend storm, Palmerton Area School District was able to function as a well-oiled machine on Monday, the first day of classes.

Superintendent Carol Boyce said she monitored each of the five buildings in the district: S.S. Palmer Elementary, Parkside Education Center, Towamensing Elementary, the junior high and high school.

"I visited every building, and things are going very, very smoothly, despite the fact that we are coming off a very powerful storm," Boyce said. "Some of our staff members were in despite the fact they were without power at home."

Perhaps most impressive, Boyce said, is that attendance was "very, very high."

"The hall was quite, I saw a lot of busy activity," she said. "I think everybody is pretty happy to be back."

There were no transportation issues, said Boyce, who added that the new dress code policy went into effect today "with expectations of full cooperation and compliance."

"I'm pleased with the start of the year, welcome everybody back, and look forward to a real positive relationship with families, a good academic and athletic year," she said. "We're off to a good start; I couldn't be more pleased."