Services provided by the CISM teams may include:

Ÿ On-Scene Support. Teams may observe, watch for acute reactions, provide support, encouragement and be able to help resting personnel and command deal with stress reactions.

Ÿ Pre-Incident Education/Information. Program suitable for squad training on stress management, critical incidents and how to use the team.

Ÿ Demobilizations. Short, informational sessions with units as they leave the scene of a long duration incident.

Ÿ Defusing. Occurs within a few hours of a critical incident, primarily informational.

Ÿ Debriefing. Occurs 24-72 hours after the incident. It is a confidential, nonevaluative discussion of involvement, thoughts and feelings resulting from the incident.

Ÿ Individual Contacts 1:1. Crisis intervention with individuals on scene or at other locations.

Ÿ Crisis Management Briefings. To inform and consult, allow psychological decompression, teach stress management to large groups.

Ÿ Psychological First Aid. To meet physical needs and basic psychological needs for safety and information, and to meet needs for interpersonal support.

Ÿ Family/Spousal Support Services. Foster support and communication, symptom mitigation, closure, and referral as needed.

Ÿ Special Programs. Content determined by request and needs. Utilizes expertise of diverse team. K-9 involvement possible.

Ÿ Follow-up. All services are followed up several days after a program to determine effectiveness and assess additional needs.

Ÿ Referral. Access to appropriate higher level of care is facilitated, as needed.