Dear Editor:

They said it wouldn't happen. Guess what? It did.

The U.S. credit rating went from AAA to AA-plus and may get even lower.

Once again I believe it's because our congressmen and women are out to make a name for themselves. They don`t care what happens to the middle class. If we leave it to them there won't be a middle class, just rich and poor. Then this country will really go down.

So I call again for congressmen and women to serve only one 5 year term, so they can count on doing things for the country, not themselves. Then they have to stay out of politics for six years before they can run again. If they were any good they would be remembered and be elected again.

I'm sick of the bull and everyone else should be too. I still say, fire them all and start over.

The only people that are hurt are the middle class, veterans or those on Social Security.

We can't give anyone this much power again!

I Remain,

Robert (Ski) Siesputowski

Summit Hill