Here is a listing of the members of the cast of "Six Degrees of Hell" and their credits:

Ÿ Nicole Cinaglia as June Galloway ("You'll Know My Name", "Booted," "Alpha Girls.")

Ÿ David Bonner as Chris Allen ("You'll Know My Name," "Flight of the Cardinal," "Down the Road")

Ÿ Joe Raffa as Kellen Hudson ("You'll Know My Name," "Booted," "Swooped Close-Up")

Ÿ Ashley Sumner as Kelly Powell ("Bravo's Reality Show-Love In Line")

Ÿ Faust Checho as Chief John Hansen ("The Fields," ABC's "Life On Mars")

Ÿ Brian Gallagher as Uncle Jack ("You'll Know My Name," "Calendar Girl," "Who is Jose Luck?" "Healthy Flavors," TV series)

Ÿ Kyle Patrick Brennan as Erik Sanborn ("Burning Blue," and "Caleb and Renee" TV series)

Ÿ Brian Anthony Wilson as Deputy Len Hendricks ("The Postman," "Limitless," "Rounders," "The Wire," TV series, "Game Over" TV series, "The Happening," "Law Abiding Citizen," "The Fields")

Ÿ Susan Moses as Mary Wilkins ("The Fields," "The Jersey Devil," "Invincible," "Mafioso," "Killer Instinct," "Invisible Mountains")

Ÿ Jill Whelan as Jill Hudson (ABC's "The Love Boat," "Love Boat Next Wave," "Airplane!" "The Young and the Restless," "Martin," "Friends," "Vegas," "Fantasy Island," "Sandman")

Ÿ Toma McCarthy as Dr. Tramon Mackel ("The Fields," "Breaking Away," "Mayor Cupcake).