Mahoning Valley 4-H members last night staged their annual round-up, a precursor to the Carbon County Fair, at St. John's Church in Mahoning Township.

The event had dozens of projects on display, and was highlighted by a fashion show that featured dresses, aprons, and pajamas hand-sewn by the club members.

Although ribbons were awarded in nine different categories, it was stressed that this isn't the same judging that occurs at the Carbon Fair.

Riley Schaeffer, president of the Mahoning Valley 4-H Club, said the community round-up lets the members get better prepared for fair judging.

About 75 people, including members, leaders, parents, and the general public, attended the event.

Schaeffer said of the round-up, "The kids in the club showcase the projects that they worked on this summer."

It was noted that the projects will be on display at the Carbon Fair in Palmerton, which will be held Aug. 10-14.

Members of the club are between the ages of 8 and 18.

Club vice-president Elyse Kistler commented on the round-up, "I think this teaches us good leadership skills. It also teaches things like sewing and basketry that kids don't do anymore."

Besides the fashion show, members of the Robotics Project put on a demonstration. The demonstrated the workings of a catapult.

Cole Frycklund and Hannah Schweitzer did a music selection.

Special remarks were made by Georgia Farrow, of the Carbon County Cooperative Extension Service.

The ribbon winners announced at the round-up are:


Blue Ribbon - Avery Akers, Lyle Cordes, Cole Frycklund, Logan Wentz, Rachel Knoblauch, and Cobe Frycklund.


All Blue Ribbon - Lucas Kovach, Grant Schaeffer, Cera Gaston, Felicia Sue Anthony, Brianna Keiser, Eliza Asmann, Jack Schaeffer, Tyler Shupp.

Nolan Wentz, Erin McGinley, Ally McGinley, Matt Eckhart, and Kirsten Shupp.


Level 1, Creepy Crawlers - Katie Aaron and Allison Slakoper, both blue ribbon.

Level 2, Tyler Shupp, blue ribbon.


Blue Ribbon - Rachel Knoblauch and Katie Aaron.

Red Ribbon - Kira Kuehner and Kaia Slaw.

Cake Decorating

Blue Ribbon - Brianna Keiser and Kirsten Shupp.

Red Ribbon - Maria Burits, Courtney Kovatch, Allison Slakoper, Rachel Knoblauch, Sierra Hunsicker, Tatiana Gonzalez, Erica Cruver, Kaia Slaw, and Ally McGinley.

White Ribbon - Kristen Cruver and Grace Lorenz.


Blue Ribbon - Hannah Schweitzer and Cole Frycklund.


Level A: Blue Ribbon - Maria Burits, Kristen Cruver, and Miguel Gonzalez.

Level B: Blue Ribbon - Erin McGinley and Brandon Ruch.

Level D: Blue Ribbon - Eliza Asmann, Erika Cruver, and Brandon Everett.

Textile Science


Blue Ribbon - Grace Lorenz, Nolan Wentz, Elyse Kistler, Miguel Gonzalez, Madeline Tonkin, Logan Wentz.

Courtney Kovatch, Drew Lorenz, Erin McGinley, Katie Aaron, and Ally McGinley.

Red Ribbon - Nate Cunfer and Bridget McFadden.