For the first time this year, Bobby-L Paparozzi, teacher at Panther Valley High School, held a Career Day for the freshman students at the school. Now she is planning to create it on a larger scale for next year. She would like to invite all of the students at the school and give them all a chance to search into various careers.

PVHS teachers taking part in the program on the transition team were Cindy Nevenglosky, Jim Hull, Paparozzi, Michele Martin and Tim Grazio, PVHS guidance counselor.

Students attended presentations in banking, manufacturing, healthcare, cosmetology, technology, and St. Luke's Hospital.

Representatives from St. Luke's Miners were Bonnie Rodgers, Andy Seidel, Carla Davis, LeeAnn Phillips, Kathy Matika, Sally Zaloga, and Dan Polak.

They had programs on radiology, physical therapy, respiratory therapy, and hemotology.

Speaking on banking was Jennifer Karnish, financial accountant/compliance assistant at Jim Thorpe National Bank.

Manufacturing reprsentatives were John Quarmley and staff from Highwood, USA; Colin Jones, team manager; and Stephanie Curvey, quality manager.

Cosmetology was represented by Lisa Walck, instructor at CCTI. The Technology portion was presented by Joe Farkas, Bryan Kershner, and Christian Caputo along with student Thomas Smith.

Jed Schoenberger and Greg Gauronsky represnted Co-ordinated Health Systems as physical therapists. Gary Higgins, PT was from Blue Mountain Hospital in Lehighton as well as Nancy Hersch, RN.