With a completed $3.2 million renovation project throughout the Panther Valley School District on buildings, Schnieder Electric, who did the maintenance, came back to PVSD to take part in Earth Day by planting flowers and a tree with the Recycling Club.

Panther Valley saved an overall of 23 percent in energy use by installing air handlers, insulation work and now they can see what each spearate classroom is doing as far as energy.

The program went to the elementary school earlier in the day and then back to the middle school where part of the recycling club took part in planting flower seeds to start in their classrooms and then a maple tree was planted out in front of their building.

Advisors Chrisanne Powell and Shanon McBride have a list of items that they recycle. Included is a box in the PVMS foyer for used cell phones. They also collect used ink cartridges. Anyone wanting to drop off a used cell phone may send it with a student or drop by the PVMS to discard it. There are many items that they recycle and would apreciate the donations.