You can park cars and passenger vans, motorcycles and pickup trucks and, under certain circumstances, service vans, on the streets of Lehighton.

But you can't park tractor trailers, campers, dump trucks or other vehicles, according to an ordinance amendment enacted Monday by borough council.

The change bars the parking or placement of any vehicle or other object, "other than a passenger car, passenger van, motorcycle, pickup truck, or service-type van," the amendment states.

The change defines service van as a van or truck used by a contractor (such as a plumber or electrician) for the purpose of conducting daily business. Those vans must be under 20,000 pounds and not have more than one rear axle.

Further, service vans may only be parked on the streets or parts of streets in the borough while serving customers or while parked at the contractor's place of business. Otherwise, the contractor will need a special permit.

Buses, motor homes (unless they are being loaded for vacation), trailers not attached to motor vehicles, box trucks and/or tractor trailers are barred from parking on borough streets.

The amendment goes into effect within five days.