The following are guidelines for what you should do if a nuclear power plant emergency occurs. Keep a battery-powered radio with you at all times and listen to the radio for specific instructions. Close and lock doors and windows.

If you are told to evacuate:

ŸKeep car windows and vents closed; use recirculating air.

If you are advised to remain indoors:

ŸTurn off the air conditioner, ventilation fans, furnace, and other air intakes.

ŸGo to a basement or other underground area, if possible.

ŸDo not use the telephone unless absolutely necessary.

If you expect you have been exposed to nuclear radiation:

ŸChange clothes and shoes.

ŸPut exposed clothing in a plastic bag.

ŸSeal the bag and place it out of the way.

ŸTake a thorough shower.

ŸKeep food in covered containers or in the refrigerator. Food not previously covered should be washed before being put into containers.