"I'm sorry, the bridge is out. You'll have to spend the night."

Thus starts the Lehighton Area High School Drama Club's annual musical, a story of two naïve travelers stranded near a medieval castle in Ohio.

When travelers John David Wellgood and Mary Helen Merriman, stranded by car trouble, enter a castle to call for help, they find themselves spending the night with a host of monsters, including Dr. Victor Frankenstein, Igor, The Monster, Count Dracula and his wife Natasha, and more.

Each monster wants John or Mary for their own purpose - for their brain, as a bride, or even for dinner. What will become of John and Mary?

"It's a goofy little comedy, and it has every type of monster in it," says LAHS Drama Club director Rob Barowski. "It's truly a music comedy. You'll never know what to expect."

While there are a lot of surprises built into the performance, most audience members will be familiar with the musical's characters and theme.

"I'm Sorry, the Bridge is Out" was written in 1967 and inspired a number of cult classics, including "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" and "Monster Mash the Movie."

"I'm Sorry, the Bridge is Out. You'll Have to Spend the Night" was written and composed by Sheldon Allman and Bob Pickett. Picket is most famous for the hit novelty song, "The Monster Mash." Allman has written and featured in numerous television episodes, major motions pictures, and commercials.

Cast members include: Tanner Leitzel (playing John Wellgood); Sarah Nanovic (Mary Merryman); Marcus Kunkle (Dr. Frankenstein); Dalton Fake (The Monster); Brandon Everett (Igor).

Michael Warkala (Count Dracula); Catherine Varley (Natasha); Jade Leitzel, Brianna Oswald, and Kaitlin Piekarski (Draculettes); Paige Verrastro (Renfield).

Kailee Miller (The Mummy); Kristen Campbell (Dr. Nasser); Michael Perkins (Prince Rex); Skylar Cordova (Mom Talbot); Evy Heckman (Montclair); Teah Garrison (Clairmont); Hannah Barton, Catrina Strubinger, and Alyssa Huntington (Grave Diggers); and Dan Pintos (The Body).

The Lehighton Area High School Drama Club Director is Rob Barowski; Assistant Director Kim Laird. Special FX Tech done by Zach Shiner.

Artwork for the play, including advertisements and cast t-shirts, was done by Andrew Galgoci, formerly of Lansford.

"I'm Sorry, the Bridge is Out. You'll Have to Spend the Night" will be shown Friday, April 15 and Saturday, April 16 at 7:30 p.m. in the Lehighton High School Auditorium. Doors open 30 minutes before show time. Admission is $8 for adults, $6 for students and seniors.