Kurt and Cynthia Zimmerman, missionaries in Bolivia, and three of their five children, are on furlough from their respective teaching positions at a Christian School.

As part of their travel itinerary while back in the United States, they visited Effort UMC this week end, staying right in Effort at the home of Pat and Gene Mackes

The Zimmermans spoke at the Saturday service and the two Sunday services, sharing their ministry and their lives via personal address, a slide show of Bolivian Blessings, as it was called, and by a display of items from Bolivian life.

The personal story included how in their ministry they had seen children and adults come to the Christian faith, some in a short time, some taking years to understand.

The passion of the Zimmermans is to work with kids and their students of international scope.

Their graduates impact the world, said Kurt Zimmerman, enumerating students by name and where those students were now doing their activities.

While on furlough and traveling much, the younger three children are being home-schooled.

They are Jenny, almost 16; Luke, 10; and Josh, 8. Older sons David and Tim are in college in Kentucky, with David having just spent six weeks in Ghana.

The Zimmermans are no strangers to Effort UMC, having visited at least three other times in their 17 years of ministry, with their last time being three years ago.

They said it has been a joy to be the hands of Effort UMC as they teach and minister in Bolivia.