A Parryville farmer has a mess to clean up in his hay field and he's not happy about it.

Early Friday morning, Richard Fedor found a dump truck load of roofing materials, nails, food wrappers and drink bottles that had been dumped on his property. He believes the incident took place Thursday night between 6 p.m. and midnight.

Area residents are familiar with Fedor's field since it contains one of the largest and oldest trees in the county.

"It will cost me between $600 and $700 to take it to a landfill," he said. "The roofing materials can't go just anywhere, they have to go to a specified landfill."

The four-foot high debris field, about 15 feet long and 8 feet wide, is covered with a brown tarp. Pallets are on the bottom and sides and the interior of the pile is filled with brown asbestos roofing shingles.

Fedor, who is offering a $500 reward for information that leads to a conviction of the offender, vows to go through the material piece by piece to help with identifying the perpetrator.

"I'm hoping to find something to nail them with," said Fedor. "It's a shame I'm getting stuck with getting rid of it while the person who did this just dumps it and drives away."

He said the state police do have some leads, but any tips from the public will be helpful. Anyone who may have seen a dump truck, covered with a brown tarp in the vicinity, is asked to call police at (610) 377-4270.