The Tuscarora Radio Controlled (R/C) Flying Club hosted its 19th annual Aerorama at its flying field located at the Tuscarora State Park on Sunday.

R/C enthusiasts, hobbyists, and spectators from all over and different flying clubs came to partake in the day-long event.

In addition to food and prizes, various types of radio-controlled aircraft (often called RC aircraft or RC plane) were on display and in the air during the event.

Flying RC aircraft as a hobby has been growing worldwide with the advent of more efficient motors (both electric and miniature internal combustion or jet engines), lighter and more powerful batteries and less expensive radio systems. There are many types of radio-controlled aircraft out there. For beginning hobbyists, there are park flyers and trainers, while more advanced pilots opt to own glow plug engine, electric powered and sailplane aircraft.

For expert flyers, jets, pylon racers, helicopters, auto gyros, 3D aircraft, and other high end competition aircraft provide adequate challenge. Some models are made to look and operate like a bird instead. A wide variety of models, kits and styles are available, such as bi-planes, jets, pylon racers, toy-class RC, helicopters, flying bird models, gliders, and others.

Some RC hobbyist choose a new type of flying called 3D flying which involves spectacular aerobatics such as hovering, 'harriers', torque rolling, blenders, rolling circles, and more. Most of the time, these maneuvers are performed below the stall speed of the model. This type of flying could be referred to as 'on the prop' as opposed to 'on the wing', which would describe more conventional flight patterns that make more use of the lifting surfaces of the plane or helicopter.

Prizes were also given out as well. During the event, novice flyers and guests were even allowed to fly a learner plane via a buddy-box system that uses two remote controls to safely control the plane. Despite the very-common, pricey, and inconsequential crash, hobbyist still take their aircraft to the sky. The Tuscarora RC Flying Club holds various events throughout the year. For more information about the club, RC flying, and all their events, visit their website at