State police at Frackville are investigating a theft incident at a milling site in Schuylkill County.

Troopers said unknown criminals backed a pickup trucks up the milling equipment, shined lights from the bed of the trucks onto the equipment and removed various items. The site is located along Pine Valley Road at Sprcue St., in East Brunswick Township.

Stolen were the following items: a battery from a log loading machine valued at $100; tools and parts from a Timber Pro log cutter valued at $1,000; 50 gallons of fuel from a Mack truck valued at $150; and from the chipper, two spotlights valued at $100; the antenna $100; nine chipper knives valued at $7; three pound sledgehammer valued at $20; 11 pound Honda brand air compressor motor valued at $750; and 55 gallons of fuel from the chipper valued at $150.

Witnesses described one of the vehicles in the incident as a Ford pickup truck, white in color, with four doors and toolboxes in the rear bed of the truck. The incident occurred sometime between midnight and 7 a.m. on Monday, Oct. 25.

Anyone with information concerning this incident is asked to call troopers at (570) 874-5300.