Up until last week my columns on unidentified flying objects were sparse. I might have written one or two before in the years of writing, but that would be about it.

You may not realize it, but these columns typically are written a few days before you are reading it and last week's column was written around the time that New York City became the focal point for hundreds, if not thousands, of skywatchers.

Around 9:30 a.m. people began to report seeing upwards of 50 shiny objects in the sky over Chelsea. Reports continued throughout the day including calls to 911 and the Federal Aviation Administration.

Videos were shot and placed on YouTube of these objects which appeared to hover in the sky for hours over Manhattan at an estimated altitude of 5,000 feet. Several videos exist that show three definite objects in the sky that afternoon that move apart, come together and move apart in the shape of a triangle while hovering in that spot in the sky in broad daylight.

There were some clear pictures of the object that I found the day after the sighting. The video I saw was of a silver globe with approximately three or four other globes much smaller attached to the underside.

In the video clip the three or four smaller objects moved away from the larger object quite a distance and then flew back underneath it for a brief time. Next, the objects separated for what looked like quite a distance and hovered in the sky.

There is no report on how long they stayed in the skies over New York but some of the news items I read say they blinked out after several hours.

Within 12 to 20 hours, news stations began reporting that the sighting was nothing more than released balloons. First they were mylar, then they were yellow ones from Times Square and then they were a dozen white iridescent balloons from a school in Mount Vernon New York. There was even news coverage the next day from the school where they interviewed teachers and students who were so amused to see their balloons scaring New Yorkers.

There is one small problem with this cover up. Actually two or three problems with this story.

First, the party was at 1 p.m. and the sightings began at 9:30 a..m. Also, there are no reports of the objects disappearing and reappearing later. They spent the best part of the day over Chelsea.

Second, the school that supposedly released these balloons is 19 miles NORTHEAST of Chelsea, Manhattan. This is important because I researched the wind direction in Mount Vernon where the school was located and the release occurred and the wind in that part of the city was blowing from the southwest at 2-4 miles per hour.

I will concede that these are surface level winds and that wind in a different direction aloft may have been blowing in the opposite direction, however the videos all over the Internet as well as the one I watched the next day showed five objects not a dozen and they did appear to be operating independently of each other. They blinked and hovered and moved all things that a mylar balloon could do, but not the white ones being credited for this sighting.

The timeline is off, the wind direction is off and the amount of time the balloons hovered in one place after they allegedly floated to Manhattan must be a balloon record. More damning though is the reported sightings of them BEFORE they were released.

If that doesn't pique your interest then google "El Paso sighting October 2010". There is a video shot two days later in El Paso of an object plummeting through the skies toward earth, separating into three parts which shoot off into a triangular formation with plumes trailing them only to come to an abrupt halt and hover in a formation eerily like the one over New York only two days before this sighting.

Within this two-day period, there are also videos of UFOs in San Francisco, Ohio, Malaysia, China and Russia with the Russian objects numbering almost a dozen and spread out over several miles in the sky.

Here's the strange part. These sightings began on October 13, 2010.

Stanley Fulham, a former NORAD officer, who wrote the book "Challenges for Change" in 2008 predicted in that volume that on October 13, 2010, the world will be made aware it is not alone in a series of sightings over major cities. This will be followed in the next six months by possible contact, culminating in the extraction of poisonous gases from our atmosphere in 2015.

Fulham claimed NORAD has both been shut down and in contact with extraterrestrials which is where he claimed to get his information. This coupled with the Air Force officers confessions at the National Press Club a few weeks ago that they witnessed UFOs shut down missile silos and ground planes during the Cold War is an odd coincidence.

Could someone be preparing us for what may be coming soon?

Unfortunately the more information we read, the more questions we have. Where will it end? Are we alone? What do you think?

Til next time…