Just before 9 a.m. Tuesday, Ryan and Rush Township police were called to the intersection of Tuscarora Mountain Drive and Ball Diamond Road in Barnesville after a report of a tan Dodge sedan snapping a utility pole, taking down a street sign, and leaving the scene of the accident while driving on a rim after the vehicle lost a tire. A witness near the intersection stated he heard a bang and saw a female driver get out of her tan car, throw the street sign on the grass, and speed away in her heavily damaged vehicle. Another witness was directly behind the vehicle when most of this occurred. The female driver, now leaving scrape marks from her rim deep into the road, then turned east onto Foothill Street until it merged with Tuscarora Park Road, which eventually ended at the bottom of the Hometown Hill (SR309). Police quickly caught up to the woman driver, who was leaving a trail of sparks, as she was getting ready to turn off Tuscarora Park Road onto SR309 toward Tamaqua. The driver was taken into custody. Other charges are also pending.