Care Net of Carbon County has been a safety net for pregnant women, new mothers, couples, teens and people with anger issues, which means that the $1,400 raised Saturday during the annual Care Net Walk at the Lehigh Canal Park at Weissport will be put to good use.

For Holly Ellis of Lansford, Care Net has been a wonderful resource for her family. She said that her family has taken advantage of many of the counseling programs available, including family counseling and parenting counseling, plus she and her husband had couple counseling to make their relationship stronger.

"Nothing is better than to have someone to lean on," she said. "It feels so good to be in a peaceful home and have a good family relationship and marriage."

Ellis said that "Care Net has been a blessing to my family."

She said Care Net helps people with emotional problems, plus helps women who are dealing with domestic violence and anger issues.

"I am speechless for all they do," she said. "They provide Mommy Dollars and Daddy Dollars."

Ellis said that Care Net is faith based which has brought her closer to God and all his goodness.

Suzi DeMara, director, explained that Care Net strives to help new mothers become good mothers by offering counseling sessions and giving homework. "The mothers and fathers who come to classes and do their homework are rewarded with Mommy Dollars which they can then spend on tangible items such as baby clothes, formula and furniture."

"We don't just give people things they need, they have to earn them," added DeMara. "They get $10 in Mommy Money for doing their homework."

In addition, Care Net provides accurate information on pregnancy and fetal development, informs women contemplating an abortion about the physical, emotional and spiritual impact of abortion. They also offer sexual integrity education, compassionate support, peer counseling to discuss options and assistance for those experiencing pregnancy loss or post-abortion stress. They also offer peer counseling to discuss love, sex, and relationship issues

They also provide tangible assistance, such as pregnancy tests, maternity and baby clothing, baby furniture and baby care needs. They offer the following support groups: parenting, couples, teen & twenties group, post abortion support and a Bible study class.