A Tamaqua man has been cited after he entered a former girlfriend's home against her wishes.

Borough police were contacted by Monique Nunemacher, 49, 242 Columbia St., on Oct. 2. Nunemacher told officers she had been at work and received a text reporting that Kerry Scott Fulmer was inside her residence. She also said Fulmer was no longer living with her and did not have her permission to be in her home.

Officers responded to the scene and found Fulmer in the back yard. He claimed to be doing laundry and was then removed from the residence, transported to 513 Lombard St., and told to stay away from Nunemacher's home.

Approximately eight hours later Nunemacher called police to report that Fulmer was once again in her home. This time, according to the report, he entered with her permission in order to remove some of his belongings.

Fulmer was cited for disorderly conduct in the earlier incident.