Lehighton Area School District teachers were the students during Monday's in service program.

Richard P. Gallagher, CSP, an educational consultant from Philadelphia presented "How to Study - 10 Minutes to an A" to teach teachers how to help children become better students.

Gallagher unlocked the mystery of studying during the three hour program that keep the teachers on their toes as they listened to Gallagher's tips on studying methods and hints.

His list was logical and if students follow the plan, they can become successful students.

Gallagher is the author of "How to Study" and is a study skills expert.

"No one ever taught me how to study so I strongly feel the need to help others overcome this difficult area," said Gallagher. "With the proper study techniques, I firmly believe the difference between a "D" and an "A" is 10 quality minutes of work each night.

Every parent wants their child to succeed and work independently but no one ever shows them how, he said.

Gallagher said many students have problems in memory methods, reading to remember, note taking, test taking and concentration.

Gallagher gave specific confidence building skills in each of these areas to share with their students so the students can reach the conclusion that "I can do it."

His presentation was insightful and upbeat. If students follow the methods on a regular basis, they will remember the answers to questions on their tests and earn better grades.

During the presentation, Gallagher provided sheets with the suggestions to each teacher to pass on to their students.

He also provided a list of 40 study hints that will help students succeed.

The general methods include note taking, eliminating distractions and reading materials and keeping notes.

The 40 study hints are simple exercises in writing, reading and saying things out loud to remember the items they need to remember.

"It takes three weeks to create a new habit," said Gallagher. "The methods, if followed, will become habits that will make students successful."

He suggested flash cards and index cards to help students remember.

"We've all been given talents, but we've all been given different talents," he said. ""We have to keep learning. It's the people you meet and books you read who change you or otherwise you stay the same person."

Gallagher is also an author of "How to Study" videos and audio cassettes.

"The biggest hassle in a child's life can be school work,' he added. "As someone who has been in over 800 schools and with four children of my own, I have come to the conclusion that once a child knows how to study then the social and sports life of the student can fall into place."

Gallagher is an active member of the National Speakers Association and is a designated Certified Speaking Professional. Less than 400 of the over 3900 embers have earned this standard of excellence.